Indy Auto Show Plan Update - 1910

This article was originally published in the March 2, 1910 Indianapolis Star and reports on planning for that city's 1910 edition of its annual auto show. For perspective, you can find collections of articles on the Indianapolis Automobile Trade Association's (IATA) trade shows for 1907, 1908 and 1909 elsewhere on First Super Speedway.
This report concerns developments during an IATA meeting held the previous meeting in the Flat Tire Club room of the Denison Hotel. F.I. Willis served at IATA president at the time. The group had raised $3,500 for a show fund. Some of that money was to be used to purchase five "cups" or trophies for various awards. These were primarily for events at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the annual Floral Parade.
Among the awards were:

  • Most beautiful car of private ownership in the parade.
  • Best exhibit by dealership or manufacturer.
  • Most unique automobile, private or company owned.
  • Two awards for winners of the Speedway events as determined by a points system not unlike a championship.

Entry blanks for the Speedway events were due by March 28. The IATA had standard plackard signage for each car in the parade, no special promotional signage was permitted by rules of the organizers.

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