Apperson Ad - 1910

This an advertisement for the Apperson Automobile Company that appeared in the March 20, 1910 Indianapolis Star. The text-heavy ad stresses the history of the Kokomo, Indiana company's founders, the brothers Apperson, Edgar and Elmer. The brothers, along with Elwood Haynes, designed and built one of the very first automobiles in the United States in 1894 and formed the Haynes-Apperson Company. This was the first auto manufacturer in Indiana. The Appersons started their own company in 1902 and it endured until going out of business in 1926. The Appersons were huge believers in the power of motorsport to promote their products and probably best known for racing their "Apperson Jackrabbit" speedster roadster. Among their drivers were Harris Henshue and Herb Lytle.

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