Co-Auto Motor Company & Jackson

This advertisement for Jackson Automobile Company product appeared in the February 27, 1910 Indianapolis Star. The ad (see it as a jpeg elsewhere on First Super Speedway)- which was purchased by an Indianapolis dealership know as "Co-Auto Motor Company" is pretty bold, in-your-face with its claims of an unbeatable Jackson "30" product. The dealership was located in downtown Indianapolis at 23-25 Kentucky Avenue. The ad is useful in that it lists a number of their successes in competition from the 1909 season. These are the events listed:

  1. Winner: Event 3 over two REO entries.
  2. Winner: Event 5 Model "E" over Mora and Stoddard-Dayton.
  3. Winner: Event 13 Jackson 1-2 finishers. Model "C" second.
  4. Winner: Event 14 over Stearns Daraque, Pierce Great Arrow, Pope-Toledo, Stoddard-Dayton, Gaeth.
  1. Winner: with two-cylinder Model "C" over four Buicks.
  2. Winner: with two-cylinder Model "C" over Franklin, Stevens-Duryea, two Stoddard-Daytons and special 16 cylinder racing car called the "Military."
  • Cincinnati Hill Climb (May 10) first place, class B.
  • Urichsville, Ohio hill climb over six-cylinder Ford, three Jewels, Buick, Olds.
  • Barney Oldfield race meet (October 9, Cleveland) Jackson wins  Event 2 over Ford, Winton and Chalmers 40.
  • Barney Oldfield race meet (October 9, Cleveland) Jackson wins  Event 3 over Mora, six-cylinder Ford, White Steamer, Chalmers, Thomas, Winton and Pope-Toledo.
  • Perfect score in Toledo-Columbus-Cleveland endurance run with Model "E," only car to travel 594 miles without shifting a gear.
  • Winner, Columbus, Ohio Event 2, five-mile over Peerless, Pope, Olds.
  • Winner, Meadville, Pennsylvania Gable Hill climb for $100 side bet with two-cylinder Jackson.
  • Leading Wheeler-Schebler Trophy race when event was canceled.
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