Burman Takes Remy Brassard (Temporarily)

This is a super package of articles covering the second day of the July 1910 race meet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The main focus is Bob Burman's victory in the Remy Brassard 100 mile contest. Also included are advertisements Buick ran touting their dominance. These ads contributed to their disqualification before the end of the month. The cars were supposed to be Marquette-Buick stock cars, not Buicks. The company's desire to transfer the brand equity garnered in their victories was too transparent and attracted the ire of other competitors, and, subsequently official action in the form of disqualification. The writing is colorful and well worth the time of anyone who loves IMS history. Also, the first page contains some decent images of the "new" generation of drivers in that day, including Arthur Chevrolet.

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