The Tragic Death of Tom Kincaid

I see this piece of content (originally from the July 7, 1910, Indianapolis Star) as particularly precious in that it covers the tragic death of a promising young driver by the name of Thomas Kincaid. Kincaid had won several races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and other venues. He drove for National Motor Vehicle Company and was only 23 years old when he lost control of his racer on the backstretch of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on July 6, 1910. This was just three days after the close of the July 1910 race meet at the Speedway.
Please note that the article provides an important point of background on Kincaid, who had been an employee of National for about five years. He had also served briefly as chauffeur to newspaper publisher Alexander Agnew McCormick, who headed the "Star League," the company that owned the Indianapolis Star. Also, note that more about his relationship with Johnny Aitken is revealed. The two shared a home at 906 East 21st Street.
Also in this package is an article on  Director of Speedway Contests  Ernie Moross' European trip to attract the stars of foreign road racing, particularly Felice Nazzaro, Louis Wagner and Ferenc Szisz.

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