Barney Oldfield Scrapbook - 1905

This category contains 13 articles I believe are from 1905. There is a biographical profile and several references to his famous Green Dragon race car. Two more articles reference Barney Oldfield’s long time manager, Ernie Moross. Moross later became the director of contests at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1909.

This article is another insight to how Barney Oldfield and Ernie Moross worked together. In work Moross did to prepare for a barnstorming event in San Francisco, he pursued arrangements for Oldfield to meet "local crack" George Fuller. Moross worked every angle to draw a crowd wherever they went. That was his job and he did it well.

These articles from the Oldfield scrapbook may be from 1906 - I continue to try to source them. There are two artilces in this package, one that profiles Barney Oldfield and another that interviews his manager, Ernie Moross. In the Oldfield profile an unnamed University of Chicago Professor is referenced as saying that a speed of a "mile-a-minute" (60 mph) is faster than a man can think.

This article provides interesting insights to Oldfield's outlook on his career and even his inner fears. He confesses to "losing his nerve," and wanting to retire. Oldfield "retired" many times during a driving career that spanned from 1902 to 1919. For Oldfield, the primary objective was to earn money and assert his position in society on his own terms.