Clubhouse Plans

This article first appeared in the December 19, 1909 Indianapolis Star as a sidebar to that day's coverage of the first time trials at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway after the 2.5 mile oval was paved with 3.2 million bricks.
Fresh from the paving project, Speedway management considered other development work to improve the grounds. Not unlike the concept of private suites above grandstands or in the track's Pagoda today, Speedway Director of Contests Ernie Moross revealed in this article plans to develop a "clubhouse" for manufacturers, corporations and individuals of means.
In addition to the clubhouse, which was expected to constructed of brick (of course) and be three stories tall, an artificial lake, "fancy" park drives, walks and landscape gardening was planned. I can't be sure but I have seen no evidence other than the infield pond that any of these projects ever saw the light of day.
The article indicates that only automobile owners would be allowed admission. Moross is quoted extensively about the vision and need for the clubhouse.
"I expect that the first floor will be a cafe and rest rooms, reading rooms and smoking rooms. A large veranda will circle the entire building. With hammocks in the woods, an artifical lake and several artificial fountains, flower gardens and shady walks, I am certain that it will be well patronized as it will be an ideal place. We have now assured a sale of more than 1,000 books of tickets for persons, private owners and manufacturers, who want to test or drive for pleasure on the track. With an up-to-date clubhouse on the grounds persons will have every comfort and pleasure that automobiling can afford at their disposal. It is the intention to procure the best hotel man possible to manage this clubhouse. It will likely be built of brick and may be three stories high."

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