Finish to Finish First - 1912

Click thru the link below to read an excellent article by contributor Brian Blain, president of the Blain Motorsports Foundation and organizer of the Pre-1920 Race Car Exhibition Series appearing at Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) and other automobile events. The article, which originally appeared in Vintage Racecar Magazine, focuses on the success of the National Motor Vehicle Company at the 1912 Indianapolis. In addition to chronicling the victorious success of Indiana's Joe Dawson, Brian paints a portrait of racing in the era. 
We learn of the experimental engine in the car of Dawson's teammate, David Bruce-Brown. Brian also does a good job of explaining the role of the riding mechanic, backstretch "spotters" with signs and telephones back to the pit crew. Colorful detail is provided, such as a description of National engine design, oil consumption by the gallon, innovations such as supercharging, and the state of tires in those days.

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