Oldfield, Christie @ Latonia

This is a small article published in the Indianapolis Star on September 14, 1908. It concerns a race meet at the Latonia, Kentucky horse track starring Barney Oldfield and J. Walter Christie. Charles Soules also was featured as both he and Oldfield drove Stearns cars against Christie's famous front-wheel drive "freak" racer.
Throughout 1908 Oldfield and Christie organized a barnstorming tour with events around the country. Historically there is some suspicion these races were fixed, as in the results were pre-determined. Christie is credited with setting a track record during the two-day affair while Oldfield claimed the honors of winning the most heats. In the end neither man was seen as holding an obvious advantage over the other. This event took place just days prior to another race meet they participated in at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on September 19 and 20.

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