Oldfield's Barroom Brawl

Barney Oldfield had a reputation for many things, among them being a heavy drinker and barroom brawler. This is the first article I have come across that features both of these reputation attributes. The brief item was published in the April 3, 1909 Indianapolis Star and notes that Oldfield became embroiled in an altercation with "millionaires." Oldfield was with a group of men at Tom Mack's Saloon in Los Angeles. He joined Ben A. Fay, an automobile race promoter; Oliver W. Posey, son of mining and lumber mangate Oliver P. Posey; Melville Nordlinger, a jeweler and Rodney McRay, a boxing promoter. Apparently after losing a few games Oldfield hit Fay with a pool cue and stopped Posey with a punch to the face.

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