Return of the Wheeler-Schebler Trophy (1910)

This article was first published in the Indianapolis Star on March 15, 1910. It discusses the success of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in securing the most desired national championship race meet dates with the American Automobile Association (AAA) for 1910. This information makes me wonder if the demise of the Lowell, Massachusetts road race was already common knowledge even though a news article was published five days later on March 20.
The anticipated news that the contest for the much prized Wheeler-Schebler Trophy would take place on May 28 was revealed. The Tiffany-designed sterling silver cup was one of the most expensive and artistic such works of craftsmanship in motorsport in the day. It had been at the center of the controversial AAA/Speedway decision to withhold the prize when the original 300-mile contest for it was cancelled mid-race due to fatalities occuring during the event. This triggered a protest by the Jackson Automobile Company as their car was leading late in the race when it was cancelled well past the halfway point. The AAA slapped down their protest objecting to their advertising victory when it was not official.
In addition to the Wheeler-Schebler, the article shares that the contest date for the Prest-O-Lite Trophy which was announced as May 27. Ernie Moross reportedly planned to announce the entire season schedule for the Brickyard. Keep in mind the Wheeler-Schebler Trophy was commissioned by Frank Wheeler, one of the four founders of the Speedway.

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