Brickyard Event Dates 1910

This first article attached here originally appeared in the February 12, 1910, Indianapolis Star. It reports on the pending arrival of S.M. Butler, the chairman of the American Automobile Association (AAA) contest board, in Indianapolis to discuss race dates for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with the track's Director of Contests Ernie Moross. There was much speculation as to what message Butler would deliver but the consensus was that it would be "something big."
A previous Star article announced AAA race dates at the Speedway that included the Labor Day holiday but this article contradicts that. The previous article also included an October date but with this latest information, this was canceled. It still included an event date for August 12 and 13 which eventually would not happen. This article also notes that the Speedway was still pursuing the 1910 international aviation show and the expected dates were October 18 to November 2. This would prove a fruitless endeavor but the track did host its own aviation meet in June.
The article also mentions that Indianapolis-based car manufacturers Cole, Marion, and Marmon were all preparing entries for the coming season.
The second attachment contains an Indianapolis News (evening paper) published the same day. This article reports on Butler's visit and provides more insights into the event dates for IMS that coming season. Please note that the article corroborates other reports that Butler was formerly chairman of the Automobile Club of America (ACA). This important early automobile organization has unfortunately been shuffled into the fog of poorly recorded history.
The article presents Butler's visit as basically informal and a natural stop as he headed home from the Chicago Auto Show. Ernie Moross hosted him at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was apparently his first visit as he reportedly expressed surprise at the facility's size. He apparently was very enthusiastic about the newly paved brick track. Plans called for him to attend all the 1910 race events.
As for those dates, the article shares that Moross and Butler had agreed to IMS race dates (in addition to those already established for May and July) for September 16, 17, and 18. Events previously considered for October 7 and 8 were dropped. The article also reports that racing was planned for August 12 and 13, but that did not happen. I believe the August dates were for a 24-hour endurance contest. As mentioned above, the Speedway was pushing for aviation shows as well.

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