Savannah Plans - 1910

The article in attachment Savannah120509 originally appeared in the December 5, 1909 Indianapols Star. The article concerns plans for the use of the highly regarded Savannah, Georgia road course. This, like all the road races of the time, was a public roads circuit.
The stock car races they held in the spring of 1908 and the American Grand Prize later that year were both highly successful. They drew big crowds but the Georgia National Guard was on hand to keep them in check. The roads were good quality so the racers were pleased.
This article is written in a manner that leads me to believe the author wasn't entirely clear on whether he (yes, ladies I am sure it was a he given the sexism of the times) knew what he was talking about or not. I say this because it seems to suggest the American Grand Prize but it also indicates that the events would likely be stock car races. The reality is that in 1908 the circuit hosts stock car races in the spring (won by Lewis Strang) and the Automobile Club of American (ACA) Grand Prize on November 12.
Relevant but beyond the scope of this article the Grand Prize was eventually held in Savannah but only after plans to host it on the Vanderbilt Cup course fell through after that race's disastrous result with the two deaths and specator injuries.

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