Strang on Speedway Construction

This article was published in the March 21, 1909 Indianapolis Star and reported on the visit of one of America's top race car drivers, Lewis Strang and his visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway the previous day. During Strang's visit he studied the scale model that IMS Contest Director Ernie Moross ordered constructed just off Crawfordsville Road that abutted the Speedway's grounds. A well known photograph captured that moment. At the time of his visit construction on the track had only just begun.
What it did not capture was what Strang was thinking. In a recently re-discovered article that was published with the photograph Strang's thoughts are once again revealed. As to be expected, Strang, who recently joined the Buick factory team with teammates Louis Chevrolet and Bob Burman, was impressed and predicted new speed records. According to the article Strang had the distinction of being the only American driver to have tested Brooklands, the high-banked, concrete-paved closed circuit wonder track in England. Unrealistically or just caught up in the moment, Strang predicted the Indianapolis Motor Speedway would prove much faster than the English track despite the fact that the Hoosier facility banking was nowhere near as steep. Strang was visiting Indianapolis as a guest of the Buick-Losey Company - the local dealership and garage. R.H. Losey accompanied him on his visit to the Speedway.

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