Indianapolis Motor Speedway Concept 1/21/09

The attached article about the first announcement of plans for the construction of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was published in Motor Age on January 21, 1909, and was contributed by First Super Speedway reader Alan Saters
The article provides an outstanding, detailed snapshot of what the founders of the Speedway were thinking in early January 1909. Note the blueprint graphic of the track supporting the article. It may be a mistake by the author or simply a surprising insight into the thinking of the track owners in the earliest days of 1909, but the oval is described as only two miles long. I have never seen the configuration described and depicted here. Check out the "three-mile" road course winding through what became the infield. Also, numerous buildings are also described and depicted, most of which were never constructed. On the other hand, many other structures sprouted up, and by the opening of the track in August 1909, several reports have it that there were various 41 structures, including grandstands, all painted white with green trim. 
Again, much of what is described here never happened. There were also more subtle differences. For example, the "judges' stand," the precursor to the Pagoda, was, at the time of this article, was planned for the end of the front stretch toward the south end of the track. I believe this was erected in about the same spot as the Pagoda today, across from the start/finish line. Two bridges were planned at the south end, neither of which was constructed. A pedestrian bridge was built across the front stretch closer to the exit of turn four, probably at or near Tunnel 7 today. Perhaps most interesting are the planned structures for "Racing Machine Storage" and "Training Quarters." This was an attempt to address the obvious need for a garage area, but hardly a convenient location for race teams.
Aerial views and another blueprint elsewhere on First Super Speedway serve as a nice complement to this content.
First aerial view
Aerial view 1919
Blueprint Schematic 
Artist rendering

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