1908's Top Drivers

This article from the January 30, 1909 Indianapolis Star reflects on the previous year's top drivers with a particular focus on Americans.
The four top Americans were: George Robertson, Lewis Strang, Ralph DePalma and Herb Lytle. Robertson was cited for his victories at the Vanderbilt Cup and the Fairmont Park (Philadelphia) races while Strang is noted for his wins in the first half of the year: Savannah, Briarcliff and Lowell. DePalma, who had only recently burst on the scene, had enjoyed a great deal of success at track racing and impressed at the American Grand Prize. Herb Lytle, dean of American drivers and active since the 1890's, won the Long Island Motor Parkway Sweepstakes and finished second in the Vanderbilt Cup (but was later disqualified). The article also mentions several European drivers who had raced in the 1908 America Grand Prize and in the country in other recent years.

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