Accidents Harden Drivers Says Matson

This article originally appeared in the February 27, 1910 Indianapolis Star. It presents an interesting perspective apparently born of the writer's conversation with 1909 Indiana Trophy winner Joe Matson who asserted that accidents helped "train" drivers. Matson contended that all the best drivers had been through very serious accidents and even endured significant injuries.
"The really great drivers of today are the men who have been through the worst kinds of accidents. This is not merely a theory of mine; I can back it by actual instances. And if my personal experience counts, I can back my agrument with that too."
Matson offers examples of drivers that he says endured serious accidents and learned from them. These men included: Joe Tracy, Herb Lytle, Lee Lorimer, Ralph DePalma, Louis Chevrolet, Victor Hemery, Bob Burman, George Robertson, Henri Fournier and Harry Grant. Matson refers to an accident he suffered at a track in Minneapolis although no additional details are provided.
Matson's point is that among the best drivers an accident only strengthens their resolve and adds to their experience. Those unnerved by accidents could not last long in the profession he said.

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