A.C. (Alonzo) Webb

A.C. Webb was a respected driver star of the early 20th Century. He won the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Trophy and competed in the 1904 Vanderbilt Cup race. He appeared in numerous other track races during the era including a record-setting run at the Russell Benefit race at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in 1906. Webb was also a successful business man, starting such companies as the Webb Motor Fire Apparatus Company.
One of the attached articles is a small item in the lower right corner of a digest of automotive news substantiating another of Webb's business interests, an auto dealership in his hometown of Joplin, Missouri. I also included another article with the mention of Webb driving the Carl Fisher Premier which is an important finding as it debunks a commonly held belief that the car was only raced once, in an Indiana State Fairgrounds event in 1905. It is crucial to note that this article (attachment WebbPremier) was published in the Thursday, July 19, 1906 Indianapolis Star.

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