Daytona Ormond Beach Speed Trials

This story chronicles the beginnings of the racing culture in the Daytona-Ormond community in Florida from 1903 through 1910. In a time when American roads were little more than craggy pathways, the unique sands of Daytona-Ormond at the edge of the shore were smooth as glass when tide receded. 
Pioneers of auto racing including William K. Vanderbilt Jr., Barney Oldfield, Victor Hemery, Ralph DePalma, David Bruce-Brown, George Robertson, Lewis Strang, Ray Harroun and Louis Ross. The steam engine cars were a force, especially the record-setting Stanley-Steamer of Fred Marriott who in 1906 recorded a mile record at the amazing speed of 127.660 MPH. Great marques of the era, including Fiat, Napier, Mercedes, Darracq and Oldfield's big Blitzen Benz also provided thrills. It was a time when these beach sands were considered the greatest speedway in the world.

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