Secrets of the Marmon Wasp

This article I wrote for the 2016 Indianapolis 500 program dispels the long-held inaccurate belief that the Marmon Wasp was designed for the first Indianapolis 500. It was not. The design effort began late in 1909 and it targeted the first race meet (May 1910) at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway after the track was paved with bricks. The May race meet was among the most important on the AAA's newly announced national championship calendar.
The car proved an immediate success as driver Ray Harroun foreshadowed his legendary triumph in the 1911 Indianapolis 500 by scoring a big win in the feature event of the 1910 weekend, the Wheeler-Schebler Trophy. Further, the car was nearly destroyed while he was practicing in preparation for a lesser race on the final day of the meet. It was repaired in time for a June hillclimb competition.
Click thru to the most comprehensive article on the Marmon Wasp available anywhere. Discover long lost facts about the car, its debut, and its recovery from a destructive accident that Harroun was lucky to escape from. See the links below for more information about the Marmon Wasp history.
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