Indianapolis Motor Speedway 1911 Monorail?

This interesting article was published in the Indianapolis News on July 9, 1910. The article shares the latest thoughts of Speedway management for their menu events for the 1911 season. Interestingly, none of the plans called for the Indianapolis 500 or any other single, long-distance event. They were looking at starting the Glidden Tour (a reliability run that was conducted between 1905 and 1913 and the forerunner to road rallies) at the Speedway. There was also a mention of national championship races and the Ira Cobe Trophy, but most ideas centered on events apart from auto racing. The management team aspired to host a grand military exhibition and another big aviation show as well. Perhaps most intriguing is their interest in working with the Brennan Monorail Company to bring what they called "gyroscope" cars to run on the single rail system at the track. Speedway management clearly was interested in emerging transportation solutions and recognized advances in this field would have dramatic impact on our way of life.

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