Buick's Disqualification from Speedway Races

This is an important article for understanding the July 1910 race meet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Just days after the July 1 - 4 races were completed, the Buick team was disqualified for not complying with the AAA regulations for designation as a true stock car. Most of the races at the meet were for stock chassis cars, and car companies had to certify that the machines they entered were, indeed, using stock chassis. Part of that requirement was to sell a minimum number of cars of that type to average customers for everyday use. Buick's entries were called "Marquette-Buicks," but were later advertised simply as Buicks. The Speedway and AAA officials ruled that the competition cars did not comply with stock regulations. Another article in this same package speaks to the decision of the Remy Electric Company to continue to pay Buick Bob Burman his cash prize stipend of $75 a week in spite of the disqualification that promoted the original second place finisher, Joe Dawson to the win. Dawson, too, received Remy's cash award. The article was published July 29, 1910.

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