Ernie Moross Resigns

One of the most interesting personalities of the early Indianapolis Motor Speedway was E.A. "Ernie/Ernest" Moross. Carl Fisher called on Moross immediately after establishing the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Company. Moross, owner of Moross Amusement Company, was well established as the premier promoter in motor sports at the time. His breakthrough success came in promoting the barnstorming tours of America's first star race car driver, Barney Oldfield. Fisher needed an outstanding talent to help him launch the Speedway, and he found that in Moross. At the inception of the Speedway Moross held the title of "director of contests," which is probably a little misleading. In terms of day-to-day management, Moross was the key man. Independent and creative, Moross and Fisher were probably too much alike to be able to tolerate each other for an extended period. This article marks the resignation of Moross, approximately 18 months after he was hired by the Speedway founders.

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