Speedway Changes Race Time

Because ticket sales were so poor for the Harvest Classic, management at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway changed the time of the races. Originally scheduled for 1:30, they were bumped back to 2 o'clock. In this package you will find two ads, one, which ran earlier in September, that indicates the start time is 1:30. The second ad, which ran the day before the race on September 8, reflects the later start time. Running beside the September 8 ad is an article reporting the Speedway's decision to push the start time back.
The reasoning was that many people worked half-days on Saturday and the later time would give them more opportunity to make it to the track without missing the action.  In the end, the move did not help. Attendance was reported to be around 10,000 and officials speculated that the city was simply exhausted after the annual Indiana State Fair and had little appetite for another outing.

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