National Good Roads Convention

This article, published in the September 5, 1909 Indianapolis Star, builds on a previous article from April 11 of the same year found elsewhere on First Super Speedway. Both articles discuss the upcoming second annual National Good Roads Convention organized by the American Automobile Association (AAA), the National Grange with support from other interested parties. The article stresses the swelling enthusiasm for the movement and notes new energy from southern states.
The Louisiana Good Roads Convention is specifically cited. That event had been recently staged in Baton Rouge with Governor Jared Y. Sanders, called by some "the father of the good roads movement" was not only in attendance but also addressed the gathering with a call to action. Sanders heralded a new era for roads in the state as much of the agenda covered the construction of improved highways on both sides of the Mississippi River connecting Baton Rouge and New Orleans.
Of the good roads movement Sanders is quoted, saying:
"Road making as a national question in the United States is almost in its infancy. I believe that a perfect system will be developed whereby the nation, the state and the county will each construct their own roads. A broad and comprehensive good roads project should be inaugurated by the government."
Governor Sanders named six delegates to the national convention which was held in Cleveland, Ohio. Among these men was Albert Aschaffenburg who had helped found the Motor League of Louisiana, an affiliate of the AAA. Conversely, the United States Federal Government was represented at the Louisana convention by George T. Cooley of the Good Roads Department.
Other men prominent at the time that are noted in the article include Frank Fisher who is described as a leading automobilist in Mississippi. Fisher pushed for a highway between Vicksburg and Natchez, Mississippi. He also attended the Louisiana convention and intended to participate in the national one.
President W.C. Crosby of the New Jersey Automobile and Motor Club announced he would attend with several colleagues, including H.A. Bonnell (treasurer of the AAA). New Jersey Governor John Franklin Fort named delegates to the convention including State Road Commissioner Frederick Gilkyson.

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