AAA Cal Circuit Plan -1910

This article was originally published in the April 24, 1910 Indianapolis Star and was a by-product of news coverage of the first board track race meet held at Playa Del Rey near Los Angeles. The topic was the possibility of the American Automobile Association (AAA) creating a West Coast racing circuit. According to AAA Contest Board Chairman Sam Butler such a series of events was seen as viable.
"I must state that I am very well satisfied with the enthusiasm displayed over the game in this part of the country," Butler is quoted saying. "I can very well see that it is progressing rapidly. We have accomplished much in this city and hope to do more. My sole purpose in going North and visiting other coast cities is simply to plan for the organizing of a racing circuit, a plan which I hope will give Californians the best racing possible. Already I have my plans formed, and all that is necessary now is to get right down to real hard work and make the thing a reality. I have the assurances of the manufacturers, the dealers, the racers and others to cooperate with the national board."

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