DePalma @ Play Del Rey - 1910

This article first appeared in the April 24, 1910 Indianapolis Star and focused on the fortunes of Ralph DePalma at the first-ever board track race meet which was staged at Playa Del Rey. Noted is the broken piston in this Fiat Giant - nicknamed "Mephistopheles" - that scratched the machine from a match with Barney Oldfield in the Blitzen Benz. Apparently DePalma forged ahead with his older and lower-powered Fiat Cyclone to still set new speed records. Also, he reportedly challenged Oldfield to go through with their match race with the more venerable Fiat.
Oldfield declined, instead opting for a match against the then-unheralded Caleb Bragg a young amateur from a wealthy family also driving a Fiat. The decision proved fateful as it produced the biggest upset and simultaneously the biggest news story coming out of the meet - Bragg besting Oldfield in the first two heats of a best-of-three agreement.

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