Marmon Touts Playa Success - 1910

This article was originally published in the April 24, 1910 Indianapolis Star. It reads more like an advertorial for Nordyke & Marmon or at least home team press coverage of the success of a football or baseball team. The reality is that it was a brief summary of the significant success enjoyed by Marmon cars during the the April 8 to 17 inaugural race meet at America's first board track speedway, Playa Del Rey, near Los Angeles.
Ray Harroun was on a roll after several successes in 1909 he opened the year by establishing himself as the driver to beat with several wins on the wood plank track. Check out the extensive coverage this landmark race meet received from original articles found elsewhere on First Super Speedway:

The article reports that Marmon was recruiting top drawer professional drivers to join Harroun on the team. No names were mentioned however.
Note that the final two paragraphs of the article did not reproduce well. Out of consideration to you, I have transposed them here:
"The consistent performance of the Marmon car, reeling off fifty to one hundred miles or more without a stop and creating new world's records with the notable lack of trouble is but another indication of the remarkable progress of automotive manufacture. It has been shown conclusively that it is possible with a well-balanced design and careful construction to reconcile power and high speed with long motor life and lack of excessive tire expense.
The vibration set up by high speed is very destructive and can be avoided only by a nicety of fitting of the component parts of the mechanism. Good quality and well-balanced design which reduces weight and wear must be found in machines which maintain record speed for one hundred miles or more without stop."

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