Images from Last Day of 1910 Air Show

This is just a one page PDF with three poor quality images of the aviation show at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in June 1910. This material was published Sunday, June 19, 1910 in the Indianapolis StarThe best image is the most significant one. It is a shot of Lincoln Beachey's "monoplane" being repaired after an accident. This was the only such plane in the event, all other entries were bi-planes.
Beachey would go on to become the most significant stunt pilot in the years after the meet. One of his most successful programs was the "Championship of the Universe," a series of exhibitions in which he would race one of his airplanes against Barney Oldfield in a car. These were organized by William H. Pickens, a successful promoter who managed both Oldfield and Beachey at points in their careers. Beachey's luck ran out at the Panama-Pacific International Exhibition when he crashed into the San Francisco Bay and perished.