Lincoln Beachey Enters IMS Air Show - 1910

This brief article was first published in the April 21, 1910 Indianapolis Star. It concerns the entry of famed aviator Lincoln Beachey in the June 1910 aviation show at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. According to the article Beachey visited Speedway Director of Contests Ernie Moross the previous day with the goal of securing permission to house his dirigible balloons at the Brickyard's "nest" or, more officially, its aerodrome. I found this surprising as Beachey is known for his airplane aerobatics, not ballooning.
Beachey's greatest fame came during his barnstorming tours with auto racer Barney Oldfield where the two staged their "champion of the universe" contests. These pit Beachey's planes against Oldfield's cars. They were at their zenith with this activity in 1913. Beachey reportedly planned to build a monoplane at the track using an engine from the National Motor Vehicle Company which was based in Indianapolis and headed by one of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's four founders, Art Newby.
Finally, the article also says Roy Knabenshue, manager of the Wright Brothers' Exhibition Company, was expected at the track to complete arrangement for the upcoming aviation meet.

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