Brookins Records, Fisher Flys with Wright

The feature article in this package describes the events of the first day of the meet - June 13, 1910. The article ran the morning of June 14. The big news was the "birdman" marvel Walter Brookins setting four world records. Another article about aviation but unrelated to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway meet was the feat of aviator C.K. Hamilton in flying from New York to Philadelphia. Best of all, though, was a rare find in the form of a sidebar that describes how Speedway President Carl Fisher rode with Orville Wright into the clouds (see page 6, first column, bottom left corner). Afterward, an exhilarated but humbled Fisher confessed to a white-knuckle experience, “I’ve had enough. If there are no dents in the framework where I had it gripped it is because I couldn’t squeeze hard enough.”

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