Major Charles Miller

A peculiar figure in auto racing history, Major Charles Miller was a bit of a flash in the pan, his greatest single contribution was providing Louis Chevrolet with his first race driving opportunity at the Morris Park, New York race track in May 1905. Miller, the son of millionaire Pennsylvania industrialist Major General Charles Miller a steel and oil tycoon as well as a top officer in the state's national guard benefited greatly from his father's success. Charles the son was a balloonist as well as an auto racing enthusiast. Miller also absconded with champion boxer Bob Fitzsimmons' wife, which, on the surface would seem ill-advised. However I have come across no evidence that the boxer sought retribution so maybe Miller got away with it. In all Fitzsimmons had four wives so he may have viewed women as replaceable. Fitzsimmons wife, Julia Gifford Fitzsimmons, was an actress and apparently did not elope with Miller as she may not have known he was already married at the time.
The attached articles reveal little about the Major but there are obscure sources on the Internet. I continue to keep my eyes peeled for more information. For now he appears to have been another under-achieveing rich kid with little understanding of the value of a dollar. His best use of money from what I know was his decision to buy a big Fiat for Louis Chevrolet to launch his career. Miller also provided a Renault for noted Irish-American driver Joe Tracy to drive in the 1905 Cuban Road Race.
Note the article with a reference to Miller as a balloonist was published in The Automobile sometime in 1906.
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