Oldfield's Medal - 1905 Points Championship

Few people know it, but the first national championship awarded by a points system occurred in 1905. The American Automobile Association (AAA) sanctioned a national championship for track racing and announced it in May. The prime contenders were Barney Oldfield, Louis Chevrolet, and Webb Jay. The schedule included tracks at Empire City (New York), Charter Oak (Hartford, Connecticut), Brunots Island (Pennsylvania), Morris Park (New Jersey), Glenville (Ohio), Kenilworth (Buffalo, NY), Readville (Boston, MA), Providence (Rhode Island) and Poughkeepsie (New York).
Oldfield, Jay and Winton Bullet II driver Earl Kiser were injured in spectacular accidents. Kiser and Jay were hurt badly enough that their careers were curtailed. Oldfield recovered to win the championship after Chevrolet inexplicably dropped out. The 1905 racing season provided one of the most interesting years of early American auto racing. At First Super Speedway, we call it, "The Lost Championship of 1905." 
The attachment below was contributed by auto racing historian and researcher Ken Parrotte. First Super Speedway very much appreciates Ken's efforts and willingness to share. 

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