Empire City: Chevrolet vs. Oldfield

This clip from the June 29, 1905 edition of Motor Age has two articles, one on the announcement of the course for the upcoming Vanderbilt Cup Race and another on the AAA national championship meet at Empire City on June 26. The Empire City article gives special focus to a match race between Louis Chevrolet (Fiat) and Barney Oldfield (Peerless Green Dragon). It reflects the fondness American race fans had for Oldfield as it explains the 30 HP handicap he forfeited to Chevrolet's Fiat. Oldfield was commended for his mastery of powering the Dragon through the corners, but it was not enough as Chevrolet won the match. The article also highlights the participation of Webb Jay in the White Sewing Machine Company's "Whistling Billy" steam engine car. Oldfield did not compete in the national championship race of the meet. Jay and Chevrolet met in the final. Jay dominated until suffering engine failure. In a sign of the times, Chevrolet pulled to a stop and offered the judges the opportunity to run the race again once the White crew repaired their entry. This proved impossible and the race was awarded to Chevrolet.

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