Racing Notes, June 1905

This content was originally published in the June 21, 1905 issue of Horseless Age. These are brief items on various happenings in auto racing and the automobile industry in general. Among the most imporant are:

  • The card for the June 28-29 national championship race meet at Brunots Island (Pittsburgh).
  • A schedule of a wide variety of racing events for 1905 - from hill climbs to the James Gordon Bennett Cup.
  • An interesting article on the nascent commercial trucking industry - the establishment of lines and the availability of new motor trucks.
  • Under the heading,  "Racing Notes,?" items about the shipment of the Locomobile to France for the Bennett Cup as well as the travel of C.B. Meyers and five assistants of the Diamond Tire Company to support the American teams in the race.
  • The Peerless Motor Car Company's dispute over Louis Chevrolet's mile track speed record at Morris Park because their driver, Barney Oldfield, set the record at a one-mile track in Los Angeles where he had to negotiate two turns. Chevrolet's record was set at Morris Park where the track was nearly 1.5 miles, allowing him to carve out a mile with only one turn.
  • The death of J.L. Ash of the Never-Miss Spark Plug Company on June 9, 1905.
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