Colorful Start

This is another article from Barney Oldfield's scrapbook and like the others the name of the original newspaper was snipped from the clipping. This content contatins one article and it describes the start of the 1914 Los Angeles to Phoenix "Cactus Derby" off road race in colorful detail. The drivers were released in two minute intervals during a drizzling rain. The use of chains on the wheels in anticipation of a mud-slime course is described.
This content also contains a map of the course between Los Angeles and Needles, the first leg of a three day race that began on a Monday and ended on a Wednesday. The competitors were held at Needles for the evening. Another nice feature of the content is decent image of driver Ed Pink and his wife. Pink got into the news in the wrong way as the vicitim of an accident. He strayed to close to a telegraph pole on the course and did not see a guide wire, running into the cable and being abruptly yanked from the car and onto the road. The extent of his injuries were not clear, but they did not appear to be life threatening. His riding mechanic continued on with the car and his wife sat by his side in the hospital.

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