Cactus Derby Finish

This is another collection of articles from Barney Oldfield's scrapbook. Like most of the articles in the scrapbook, the name of the publication has been snipped off the clipping. However, the date associated with the article about the finish of the 1914 Los Angeles to Phoenix Cactus Derby is intact, and it is November 12, 1914.
There four articles in this package, but two are incomplete. The primary article is the one that describes the finish of the race in colorful detail. Another article describes the Howdy Special - party train that ran along the course's route. Designed to accommodate 68 men for a "stag" outing one can well imagine there were quite a few war stories embellished and re-told while card games were played and tobacco smoke and whiskey were consumed. Other details in this content provide interesting data points, such as the involvement of Paul "Dare Devil" Derkum and filmmaker Ralph Radnor Earle, who the article refers to as a "movie man." If you do Google searches on Earle, you will see him mentioned in a number of Google books.  Driver Teddy Tetzlaff had recently retired from racing to sell automobiles and was there that day to drive the race's official "press car." Derkum, too, was a former racer, but of motorcycles, not cars - one of the top riders of a most unforgiving period of deadly board tracks and treacherous road courses.

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