Needles, Prescott and Phoenix

This is another collection of articles from Barney Oldfield's personal scrapbook. Again, as with almost all the articles, the names of the newspapers are snipped from the clipping. There are two main articles in this collection. One is in poor condition, but if you use the zoom feature and are patient, you can get through. This article provides good detail on the first leg (the race was conducted over three days) from Los Angeles to Needles, where the racers spent the night. There was also a stop in Barstow along the way in this first leg. The report covers the rainy conditions through the mountainous Cajon Pass and the various setbacks that some of the drivers endured. Not covered is the second leg to Prescott or the final leg to Phoenix.
A second article provides a great description of the start of the race at 5:30 a.m. in Los Angeles. Several thousand people lined the wet street where the cars started, forcing drivers to take extra care in not hitting anyone. The description of the start is very colorful.

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