Oldfield - The Master Driver

I pulled this content from Barney Oldfield's scrapbook. As with virtually all the material from that source the names of the newspapers that originally published the information are snipped from the clippings. The dates remain intact although I can't swear with certainty that they were associated with the articles. There are three articles. One is an editorial by writer Al Waddell that actually does a nice profile on Barney Oldfield. It talks about his judgment as both a driver and business pragmatist uwilling to forsake a reasonable pay day by taking excessive risks. Most of the material you read about drivers in this era is packed with hyperbole, but this one offers a more tempered perspective. Two other articles are in this collection, both reporting the results of a match race between Bob Burman and Barney Oldfield at Ascot Park in December 1914.

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