Strang to Marion? (1910)

The attached article first appeared in the May 5, 1910 Indianapolis Star.
The article is a speculative piece that Lewis Strang was to sign on with the Marion auto company to head their race team. Strang, whose career probably peaked in 1908 with wins at Lowell, Savannah and Briarcliff as well as being the sole American entry in the world's then-biggest race, the French Grand Prix, was widely respected not just as a driver but for his general knowledge of the sport and the automobile.
Months prior to the publication of this article Strang had impressed the automotive and racing world with his record-breaking exploits at the wheel of the Fiat "Giant" at the exciting new speedways of Indianapolis and Atlanta. He and his uncle J. Walter Christie were the stars of the frigid December 1909 time trials at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
This article reports on discussions Strang was having with Marion Company General Manager Ed G. Sourbier and leads readers to believe his contract signing as the company's race team captain was imminent. From what I have gathered about Strang's life and career personal matters got in the way of this business arrangement - specifically his dissolving marriage to stage actress Louise Alexander, aka Jeanne Spaulding.
According to the article the drivers that would join Strang on the team were Gil Andersen and Charles Stutz. The mention of Stutz (who drove for Marion in 1909) is interesting because in March of the same year he had announced his retirement from competition driving. The company was already looking ahead to a 24 hour race at Brighton Beach on May 18 with plans for Strang and Andersen to share driving duties. For complete Star coverage of that race check out an article elsewhere on First Super Speedway.
Sourbier is quoted about the progress of contract negotiations:
"We are negotiating with Strang and I believe the deal will be closed as it looks as though the company and the driver could get together easily. The Marion team, under Strang's captaincy, would be strong and we will look for our share of the winnings this season. The other drivers are good men and would form a fearless record-making team under the direction of Strang."
The remainder of the article discusses the field for the Brighton Beach contest. Twelve cars were entered and the 11 other entries with expected drivers are listed as follows:

I did some checking (see the second attachment, a snippit from the May 21, 1910 issue of Automobile Topics) and as it turns out Strang did team with Andersen in a Marion. They finished seventh in a field of 10. The event was won by Poole, who ended up teaming with Charles Basle and not Robertson. I am still unclear as to how much work Strang did with Marion for the rest of the year.

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