Oldfield - DePalma Daytona Match Plan

Attached is an articles concerning planning for the 1910 Daytona-Ormond speed tournament. It was published in the March 3, 1910 Indianapolis Star. The local auto club, the Florida East Coast Automobile Association made the announcement that arch rivals Barney Oldfield and Ralph DePalma would be pitted against each other during the March 22-24 speed carnival. The article reports that this event was in place of a proposed match between the drivers at the inaugural event at Playa Del Rey the first auto racing board track. The plan was for Oldfield to drive his newly acquired monster Blitzen Benz while DePalma was to use the Giant Fiat.
Oldfield and DePalma were reportedly antagonists but frequently competed against each other in one-on-one match races. They may have had a genuine dislike for one another but overcame due to the profitability of showcasing their rivalry or the whole thing may have been for show to boost gates.

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