Daytona-Ormond Plans - 1910

The article in attachment Ormond111209 was originally published in the November 28, 1909 Indianapolis Star. It discusses planned entries for the 1910 edition of the Ormond - Daytona Beach speed tournament. This would be the last running of this annual speed festival although land speed record runs would continue through 1935.
Interestingly the first entry mentioned is the Blitzen Benz which, as noted in the article, hit 127.02 MPH in the hands of Auguste "Victor" Hemery at the Brooklands track in England. The article says he achieved that speed at the half mile with a flying start and 126 MPH for the kilometer both on Monday, November 22. This car was purchased by Barney Oldfield who would set a new speed mark of 131.720 MPH at the meet which was held in March 1910.
The other entry discussed was owner W.C. Arnold's "Giant" Fiat which was driven by Lewis Strang. The car had been driven by Felice Nazzaro at a reported speed of 121.64 MPH. Strang had driven the car at the recent inaugural race meet at the new 2-mile Atlanta Speedway with good success. Also mentioned is the speed record of 127.6 MPH by Fred Marriott in the Stanley Steamer racer at Ormond Beach in 1906. Not mentioned is the work of Glenn Curtiss who many claimed went 136.360 MPH at Ormond on a motorcycle.

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