Daytona-Ormond Races - 1909

Attached is a brief article on the Daytona-Ormond speed tournament was published in the Indianapolis Star on March 24, 1909 (attachment Daytona032409). The article reports on the opening day of the seventh annual speed tournament which not only featured automobiles but motorcycles and bicycles as well. The day presented two auto races and one each of the two-wheeled vehicles. Lewis Strang established a new 100 mile record for stock cars at 1 hour, 34 minutes and 1.2 seconds in a Buick. Note that the article reports that Strang had joined the awesome Buick team only three weeks before to form with super-stars Louis Chevrolet and Bob Burman a kind of "super team" of these pioneering days. The next day he Buick-Losey Company, the manufacturer's downtown Indianapolis dealership at the time, ran an advertisement in the Indianapolis Star (attachment BuickStrang032509) promoting Strang's record run.
The other auto race of the day was a milestone in David Bruce-Brown's career as he set the amateur speed record for the mile at 33 seconds. Attachment RaceData041109 reads like a Michelin Tire ad. It  stressed that Bruce-Brown and George Robertson used Michelin tires. Robertson set a new five mile speed recond, the article claims.

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