Race Results 1895-1910

Auto racing researcher Ken Parrotte has provided more terrific content that First Super Speedway is proud to publish. Find here great charts focusing on the results of the most important American races from the earliest days, 1895 - 1910. Ken cautions that the information only inludes the winners of the feature races, which were the headline events of race meets that included a number of other contests for a variety of classes. Ken provides an introduction to the statistics in his introduction that appears below.
"The evolution of the automobile and automobile racing parallel each other from the beginning when the automobile industry focused on reliability then endurance, then speed which evolved into competition.  The 1895 Times-Herald Chicago to Evanston race was a reliability test.  Various city to city tours, transcontinental events, 1 mile speed record runs, and 24 hour races proved to the curious motor public that the automobile was a viable form of transportation.
This period of time was not just a test of the motor car but the development of tires, engines, fuel, illumination, road paving materials, and the ability of the driver to adjust to prolonged speeds faster than a horse or mule could travel.
Eventually reliability, endurance, match races, and speed led to competition beyond driver and car vs. the sands of Ormond/Daytona Beach or the one-mile fairgrounds dirt track to major auto racing events.
A list of a variety of American Automobile Racing events listed by year was developed based on information researched from period magazines and newspapers from the Horseless Carriage Foundation Automotive Research Library, Google Books, and Fulton History.com.
The magazines include Horseless Age, Motor Age, The Automobile, Motor, Motor World, Automobile Topics."
By Kenneth J. Parrotte
November 15, 2019

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