Top American Drivers 1910

The attached article from Motor World in 1910 was provided by Ken Parrotte and is a fantastic find as it lists the top American race drivers in 1910. Eighty-two professional drivers are listed, as well as 13 amateurs. Among those amateurs, the most noteworthy is Caleb Bragg, a three-time starter in the Indianapolis 500. Many of the professionals are hall-of-fame members or otherwise drivers with name recognition among racing aficionados, including Barney Oldfield, Ralph DePalma, George Robertson, David Bruce-Brown, Harry Grant, Bill Endicott, Louis Disbrow, Harris Hanshue, Ray Harroun, Ben Kerscher, William Knipper, Joe Nikrent, Herb Lytle, John Marquis, Ralph Mulford, Edwin Parker, Montague Roberts, and Lewis Strang.

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