Prep for 1905 Gordon Bennett Cup

This content was originally published in the March 25, 1905 issue of the Automobile. This is an interesting digest of activities leading up to the running of the 1905 James Gordon Bennett Cup auto race. There are three items rolled up into one PDF page. The first is an interesting piece as two French newspapers (Le Journal and Les Sports) and the Autombile Club of France (ACF) had previously reached some understanding to stage a big auto race at the Aix-les-Bains circuit. The publications and the municipality reportedly were prepared to put up $30,000 to produce the event - big money in those days. The two papers felt the ACF had backed out on the deal and threatened a lawsuit.
A second item reports that the organizers of the James Gordon Bennett Cup were working to attract French President Loubet to the event. A final item discusses the readiness of the Richard-Brasier and the Darracq race teams.

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