Auvergne Circuit 1905

This one page PDF article was originally published in the May 13, 1905 issue of The Automobile. It is one of several written about the layout and terrain of the Auvergne circuit near Clermont, France developed for the 1905 James Gordon Bennett Cup auto race. The prevailing theme across all descriptions is the omnipresent danager throughout the mountainous, serpentine 85.35-mile course. What keeps coming back to me is the tremendous disadvantage the American team was saddled with because they arrived after the practice sessions, meaning the first time they drove their race cars on the course was during the race. Also, I noted the comparison between Albert Clement's practice lap at 1 hour, 43 minutes and the time from another article of 2 hours, 28 minutes recorded by American Herb Lytle in a Pope-Toledo touring car.

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