Locomobile Gordon Bennett Cup

This article was originally published in the April 22, 1905 issue of The Automobile. This is a rather technical piece on the 1905 American Locomobile racer (Bridgeport, Connecticut). This is much like a modern day car review or driving impression - although the writer did not drive the car. He reviews all the aspects of the design, diving into the crankcase of the engine, discussing the suspension and details like the copper gas tank and the hand pump that enable the riding mechanic to increase pressure to insure fuel flow to the carburator.
The machine was commissioned by Dr. Harold Thomas who provided the funding for its development. Without Thomas, it is doubtful Locomobile management would have been able to justify the expense of competing in auto races. Driver Joe Tracy, an accomplished engineer, was enlisted to pilot the machine in both the 1905 James Gordon Bennett Cup and Vanderbilt Cup.

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