James Gordon Bennett History

This article was originally published in Motor Age, probably in May 1905, but unfortunately, I do not have the exact date. This is an excellent (two PDF pages) executive summary of the history of the James Gordon Bennett Cup (1900-1905) leading up to the final edition of that classic motor race June 16, 1905. The article provides the dates and locations of the races as well as the names of the cars and drivers involved. It also gives you an overview of their technical features, such the size and power ratings of the motors, the tires and the type of ignition used. Interesting to note is the rapid evolution of automotive technology during the five year life span of the contest. For example, none of the cars in the 1900 race had engines of more than 25 horsepower, but by 1905 there were entries of 120 horsepower. Good, quick primer on this historic event.

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