Gordon Bennett Cup Course (1905)

This article originally appeared in one of the automotive trade publications of the day. It is only one PDF page and is an interesting read as it describes the Auvergne course in France that was used for the 1905 (and final) James Gordon Bennett Cup auto race. Note that the course was "discovered" by Michelin Tire Company founder Edouard Michelin. The area is a mountainous region and the roads were underdeveloped. The result was a course that stressed durability and driving skill, not speed. There is a lot of color to be found here and if you use your imaginination you will find yourself on one of the giant old cars bounding over bumps and craggy terrain while speeding past trees, stone walls as you skirt the precipice of a mountain. You'll see farmland and villages as you make your way around the 85.35-mile circuit, your 60 hp, 2,000 pound behemoth chugging up grades at times. Carl Fisher, founder of the Indianapolis Motor Seedway, was entered as a relief driver for the Pope-Toldeo team with prime driver Herb Lytle. All-in-all, this is a nice slice of early 20th century France.

1905_Gordon_Bennett_Cup_Course.pdf1.1 MB